Zero Waste Portsmouth


Zero Waste Portsmouth (ZWP) was set up in 2017 by Delphine, Esther & Rosie. They met up over coffee to discuss the ways Portsmouth could inspire its residents to reduce their impact on the planet and live more in harmony with nature. 

This meeting eventually led to dozens of workshops, talks, tutorials & conversations with our community, as well as a Facebook Discussion Group with over 1.4K members answering common questions and sharing Zero-Waste tips. 


Plastic-free community shop

Frustrated at the lack of plastic-free bulk shopping in Portsmouth, Delphine & Esther created a steering committee of volunteers to build a non-profit plastic-free supermarket, The Package Free Larder. With the help of 905 donations, hundreds of volunteers and an amazing £43,765 raised on crowdfunder in 2019, The Package Free Larder is proof of how powerful we are as consumers and how much we can strive for change. 

Read about The Package Free Larder, our volunteer-led plastic-free supermarket, here.


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