Help Palestine

Help Palestine


Help Palestine Community Co-operative is a not-for-profit co-operative.

We are not a charity.  We sell goods made by skilled artisans who are living under military occupation in Palestine.  They are dependent on selling their goods to a dwindling tourist trade, which has been non-existent since the onset of the pandemic.

We act as a Zaytoun distributer, selling their products the majority of which are Fair Trade e.g. olive oil, dates, maftoul, almonds and freekeh.

We also import hand-crafted olive wood goods from Bethlehem and ceramics from Hebron. These goods are either purchased from Palestinian Fairtrade co-operatives or directly from the carpenters. Our aim is to assist in providing a market for artisans to sell their goods and so earn a salary as well as maintain their creative skills. We do not have a website, but information about events and goods is available on our Facebook Page, Help Palestine Community Co-operative. Goods can be delivered in the local area.