Green New Deal Havant


Green New Deal Havant is part of Green New Deal UK, our map to a future worth fighting for.

The Green New Deal movement in the UK is made of ordinary people calling for real solutions that match the scale of the challenge.

This decade is a fork in the road for humanity. We’ve been following one path for decades, guided by rules written by people who do not have our interests at heart – CEOs, politicians, and the elite defending their own wealth and power. To survive, we have to forge a new path for our economy to protect and build the things people really care about: things like health, fairness and community.

We have 5 goals:

Decarbonise the UK
End our dependence on dirty fuels, and build an economy based on 100% clean energy.

Create secure jobs
Create millions of new well-paid, secure, and future-proof jobs for anyone who needs one, and guarantee a decent livelihood for anyone currently working in high emission sectors.

Transform the economy
Transform our economy so the financial system serves the needs of people and the planet, and so that our government is accountable to people, not corporations.

Protect and restore
Protect and restore habitats and wild areas, and ensure that everyone has access to clean water and air, green spaces and a healthy environment.

Promote global justice
Do our part to help the rest of the world build fair, clean and healthy economies, accounting for the UK’s historic and ongoing role in exploiting communities and resources across the world.

Here’s what we do at Green New Deal Havant:

• Grow awareness and support for the Green New Deal with community outreach, actions and events
• Tell the story of the Green New Deal with creative content and media interventions
• Widen the movement by building partnerships and alliances with other local groups and organisations
• Support local fights that build towards the Green New Deal – like campaigns on jobs, housing and public transport
• Push local political representatives like MPs and councillors to champion the Green New Deal.


During lockdown, we have planned events and campaigns on Zoom on an ad hoc basis.  Please contact us if you would like information about our forthcoming campaigns and events.