This is going to be one of the most important international conferences ever on the future of the planet in Glasgow in November. Lots of groups are already planning action so this page is work in progress.

COP26 is an international summit under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The United Kingdom in partnership with Italy, will be the host.

The aim is to keep global temperatures rises below 1.5ﹾ and to build on the 2015 Paris Agreement with more ambitious commitments and measures to reduce carbon emissions and stop futher climate change – so that all our children and future generations can enjoy a future in a sustainable world.

This is a big moment – we can still keep climate change in check – just – IF we act now. If we wait any longer it may be too late.

Why we should demand action

2020 was the joint hottest year on record and the end of the hottest decade. Scientists are convinced that the floods, hurricanes and wildfires we have been witnessing are the result of global heating – certainly they are causing great devastation and destroying people’s lives.

If we allow temperatures to rise further, huge areas of the world will become uninhabitable and much of our coastline will make way for the rising seas. The prospect is terrifying.

The reason for the heating is the build-up of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane caused by burning fossil fuels or by rearing huge numbers of animals. We need to tackle this with ambitious plans to switch to green energy and to restore nature which can take carbon out of the atmosphere. And the government needs to do this as fast as possible. Britain is hosting the talks. It needs to be a world leader.

Find out more here on this BBC site.

All sorts of groups around the country are gearing up to let people know about COP26.  From street protests to a continuous prayer from now until November, from letter writing to MPs to a climate festival in the summer, groups are ready to take action.

Most people agree that this is a serious crisis and that the government is not doing enough to tackle this crisis. A recent survey by the Climate Coalition showed that Two-thirds of adults believe Government should do more to combat climate change and 60% agree that the UK should be a global leader on climate as it prepares to host these crunch talks.

Climate Outreach has done lots of research into public attitudes to climate and how best to get the message over. They also find that most people are concerned but turning this into action needs different approaches. They argue strongly that individual action does have a knock-on effect and helps to create teh climate in which the governemtn will take the steps which are needed. There are useful resources including visual images on their website. Find out more here.

The Climate Coalition is a group of over 140 organisations which will be working to bring members and partners together to push for change up to – and at – COP26 They plan to join up people from all walks of life to call for action on the climate crisis and they will continue to be a voice for change that is impossible to ignore by the people with the power to make the world of difference.

The Climate Coalition members have put together a joint statement and a Glasgow Action Plan.  See their COP26 page

The Climate Coalition is working on plans  for activities during the G7 meetings in Cornwall in Junebut starting from Earth Day on 22/4.

Then they are working on a huge climate festival 18-26 September The Great Big Green Week and hope that there will be thousands of events around the country as well as big national ones.

The idea is for local communities to organise events like fairs, concerts, competitions, walks and cycle ridea, open days.  So try and persiade lots of local groups to get things organised.

There are loads of ideas in the organiser guide which you can download from the Great Big Green Week website 

Find out more about the Climate Coalition here.

Most well-known organisations like Oxfam, Christian Aid, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are part of this coalition so keep in touch with those you support.

The COP26 Coalition is another huge, global coalition aiming to get real action in Glasgow. Find out more here

They willl be organising lots of events in the lead up to November, including  a four day global online gathering ths month.

From the Ground up II: Taking action (22-25 April)
Registrations are now open for the COP26 Coalition’s global gathering. This 4-day online gathering comprises 18 sessions dedicated to some of the key issues facing our movement today. For those who joined the first gathering in November, you’ll know this is a great space for getting to grips with all things climate justice and a chance to start organising ahead of COP26. Register here.

The  sessions will be focused on some of the key issues facing our movements today, including:

  • How do we build power in our communities and workplaces for climate justice?
  • How can we mobilise millions of people into taking action to stop fossil fuels extraction?
  • How can we organise to win?

Crack the crises.  A large group of organisations (including the Climate Coalition) have come together to argue that with  the world facing challenges such as Covid, injustice, climate change and nature crisis, UK decision-makers have an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership at home and abroad. So there is a new coalition  to bring people together to tackle these crises by taking individual actions, by supporting others and by asking decision-makers to act. You can see a video here

They will be launching actions on Earth Day 22/4

This is a link to their policy asks. 

Christian Aid, CAFOD and Tearfund have organised a prayer without ceasing for the climate crisis in the lead up to COP 26. See more here

The Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit issues regular bulletins and is nowproducing a regular Road to Glasgow newsletter. Sign up here

The Fairtrade Foundation have just produced a new report with Green Alliance which challenges the government to take account of emissions produced outside the UK and will be campaigning on this in the lead up to COP26

One World Week is encouraging groups around the country to take action in the lead up to COP26 and there are useful resources on the website with a focus on children and their future.

5th September is going to be Climate Sunday Hopefully, climate related services around the country


Great infographic on COPs over time plus COP26

The Climate Coalition

The COP26 Coalition

Climate Live – Getting the message across through music. They are organising simultaneous global climate concerts, led by Fridays for Future youth climate groups, artists, activists & scientists across

40+ countries April 24 & October 16 2021

Together for Our Planet– the Government body which has some interesting articles plus a Race to Zero challenge

Oxford FOE are working on COP26 and their website is a good example of what could be done.

Mock COP Young people from around the world held a Mock COP in November and came up with an impressive declaration

Crack the crises.  A large group of organisations working on Covid, injustice, climate change and nature crisis.

ECIU produce excellent bulletins of climate news and this is their explanation of COP

Here’s TCC’s 10 point plan, with a score card on how the government is doing

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